Thursday, February 3, 2011

Look what I found

Decided it was time to finally download all the pictures from my camera. I had forgotten about some of these pictures, but they sure brought back some memories.

This is what Kellee does when she's bored and doesn't want to go to sleep. Nice haircut, huh? I feel like singing, "I'm a Redneck Woman."

All of my kiddos with Great Grandma Morris.

My 2 big boys after Michael presented Nathan with his Eagle Scout Award.

Michael and Nate - so happy to be together again.

Nathan - Culinary Contest - isn't he cute in his little chef uniform?

And here he is again!

He'll be such a good daddy - he always sleeps with his baby and makes sure she's safe.

Kellee reads herself to sleep almost every night - when she's not cutting her hair.

Nathan turned 18 - joined the world of adulthood.

Nathan - Halloween 2010

Rachel - Halloween 2010

Marshel - Halloween 2010 - A fireman? Who would have guessed?

Look at my cute girls!

Nate's Chick Magnet costume really works!

Elder Anderson and Rachel - love that costume!

Kellee - sweet treats for a sweet girl.
Rachel cheering at the football game

Kellee - Cheer Clinic

Rachel - She loves being a flyer.

What a cutie!

My little model

Thanks Alicia for taking such great pictures

Brittan and Rachel - they always have so much fun together

Rachel has made so many friends this year in cheer.

Rachel at EFY 2010

Video of Rachel cheering at football game

Nate's Birthday Party - Friendly game of spoons

Nathan in action at his Culinary Competition - isn't he such a cute chef?