Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nathan - 2011 Graduate

Nathan graduated from Maricopa High School on Tuesday, May 24, 2011. Before heading to the school, Mom took the family out to Native New Yorker for some wings and dinner. We had a good time celebrating Nathan and his friend Jessie's big accomplishment.

Nathan wanted to be seen from the stands, so he did a little arts and crafts on his cap. He planned on adding glow sticks, but it didn't end up happening. This was helpful in finding him on the football field.

Here they come. Very nice processional led by their teachers in black robes. We finally found Nate in the sea of red and he spotted us right away.

After the ceremony, we had to get through the crowds to find Nate. Finally, we found each other and it was great seeing him so happy and knowing he accomplished this goal. He graduated with a Scholastic diploma because of his extra credits and service hours.

Nathan and Jessie - so glad they were able to experience this together (we attended Jessie's graduation just a few days prior to Nate's)

Makenna and Nate - best friends (in a boyfriend/girlfriend kind of way)

Mom and Nate - what a proud Mama am I

Rachel and Nate

Marshel and Kellee wanted to get picked up too!

Jessie - Not to be left out!

Nate and friends and family

Nate and Rachel with our favorite foreign exchange student - Jack from Italy

Nate, Rachel and their friends


Nate and Jessie skipped Grad Night and had an all-nighter at the house, playing video games and music. It was a fun night.

Elder Ewing

This was our latest favorite missionary. Elder Ewing is from Canada and we loved when he would come to eat dinner with us or just visit. Rachel will miss him most I think, but we all got close to him. What a great guy - very spiritual, but knows how to have a good time and doesn't take everything so seriously. After 3 or 4 months in our area, he was transferred and then goes home in October. Hopefully, we can keep up with him, like the other missionaries that we claim as "ours".