Friday, April 15, 2011

Nate - Makenna's Senior Prom

Nathan and his "not my girlfriend", Makenna, went to her Senior Prom for Mountain Pointe High School. They were both very excited to get all dressed up, meet their friends for dinner at PF Chang's, jump in the limo, and head to the dance. They looked so beautiful and handsome and both of us mom's wrer clicking our cameras the whole time.

Rachel's sweet 16 - Black and White Theme

We spent the day of Rachel's party cleaning the house up, rearranging furniture to create a dance floor, making a ton of food and decorating with black and white balloons all over the floor, black and white plates, cutlery, napkins and serving dishes. We also had a cute banner that had 16s all over it and tissue paper everywhere. We had meatballs, cheeseball and crackers, cheese cubes and pepperoni slices, oreos and chocolate chip cookies, and the drink was the hit of the night - orange sherbet with sprite in it. We asked everyone to dress in Black and White.

Rachel's favorite person at the party was her awesome brother, Nate. Nathan planned for 2 weeks which cake to make for Rachel's party. He made the cake from scratch, made his own fondant, designed the cake, and then was so excited to deliver and present the cake to Rachel right in the middle of the party. It was a great moment.

The night was full of food, music and dancing. There were about 20 kids at the party (80% boys, of course) and they had a great time. Rachel got a cute zebra stuffed animal from jack, the foreign exchange student from Italy. She got a pedicure and nail design from Mom along with $25 cash. Michael sent Rachel a sweet note which made Rachel cry, since she misses him so much, as well as $25. We had a good time and she said it was the best party she ever had.

Marshel's 9th Birthday

Marshel wanted a pool party so bad, so since the pool is open, we thought this was a great idea. Of course, the morning of the party, it was raining and cold. So, we made a quick change and headed to McDonalds. The kids enjoyed a Happy Meal and a great cake. They played with each other and had a great time, while we parents supervised and visited with each other. He kept asking to open his presents and was so excited when he received a new baseball bat and ball, and a batting helmet from Mom. He also received a super soaker water gun, Zhu Zhu pet, and Legos from his friends. His favorite part was having his face smashed into the cake. He blew blue frosting boogies for several minutes. It was a fun party.