Monday, January 16, 2012

Our fun weekend - Cheerleading, Quilting and Puppies

Grandma Jackie came up for the weekend and went to the high school game with me to watch Rachel cheer.  It is so fun to watch her, especially when she goes up in her lifts.  This week, she and the cheer team performed at half time, so that was fun to watch.  And, the team even won!  Cool!

We spent the rest of the weekend sewing and playing with the puppies.  Mom started on her 2nd quilt and got the top done - just have to add the backing.  Rachel and her friend Kirsten had some friends over - Colton and Brady - there was cuddling going on.

We caught the dogs playing and we thought they were so funny - we couldn't stop watching.  Snickers (the greyhound) has never really liked to play with toys.  But, we caught her outside with one of Marshel's stuffed animals - we took it away and gave her an old one and she tore it apart in a couple of days.  But, she wouldn't let the baby (Sophie) near it.  We've since caught her outside with Sophie's baby toys.  Guess we're going to have to buy her something of her own.  Anyway, Sophie and Snickers have been having a great time playing together lately.  Here's a video with Marshel caught in the middle:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Puppies Hard at Play

Snickers has now accepted Sophie as part of the family.  She still runs away when Sophie wants to lie down by her, but when she wants to play - bring it on.  They are so cute when they wrestle and growl at each other.  Snickers puts Sophie's whole head in her mouth, but is so gentle with her.  On the other hand, Sophie likes to attack Snickers from behind - biting her ankles, tail and rear end.  We just laugh watching them - free entertainment.

Sophie runs around looking for Rachel when she's not home - sometimes running to her bedroom and crying for her.  This day, I found her sleeping in Rachel's cheerleading bag - Right when I took the picture, she got up - darn!  But, way cute anyway.