Friday, October 5, 2012

Rachel - Student of the Quarter

Rachel was nominated as a Student of the Quarter by one of her teachers, Mr. Elet of Economics.  She was so surprised when she found out that she made a face, right up there on stage. 
I'm really proud of Rachel for working so hard to be a good student and having a positive attitude.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We Caught Kellee...Singing in the Rain (I mean, tub)

Kellee was in the bathtub and we heard singing.  We peeked in and saw her "feeding" Sophie water and singing to her.  We couldn't resist getting some video of it.  She was not so happy once she spotted us. 

Later in the week, she also performed in her 3rd grade Music Concert.  Here are some samples:

Let's play Where's Rachel?

School has only been in 2 months, but Rachel has already been busy. 
Rachel and the other Senior Cheerleaders

Student Council Conference - Princesses

Rachel and other All-American nominees

Rachel at Student Council Conference

Rachel cheering at first game of the year

Rachel and her cheer team

Rachel stunting during game

Rachel - Go Rams!

Rachel practicing a stunt move - Scale

Falling - this one didn't work

Let's try that again...

She got it!

Katelyn and Rachel stunting