Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break in St. George

Mom, Marshel and Kellee took the dogs, Snickers and Sophie to St. George for the week. 
The dogs really enjoyed Grandma's doggie door and the grass in the backyard, especially 
since it was a nice break from the rock yard we have at home.

On our last day in St. George, we went to the Air Show.  We saw a bunch of cool military planes
and were able to go inside some of them, like this cargo plane.  Marshel and his cousin, Spencer,
acted like they were sitting in the plane ready to go somewhere.

We had to take a picture of the Navy jet, of course.  Marshel told every Navy man
 he saw that his brother is in the Navy.  He is very proud of his biggest brother.

During the Air Show, there was a mock WWII battle between the Americans and the Germans. 
 They used these tanks and planes.  It was pretty cool.

A bunch of the Welch cousins were there and they ate junk food, played with toys
from the Air Show, and had a great time together.

This is the Osprey - they demonstrated it going backwards, forwards, sideways. 
The propellors make it a plane or a helicopter.  Pretty neat to watch.

The Blue Angels were the highlight of the show.  They were so awesome to watch.  They performed some really cool stunts.

This was the coolest.  They all came in from 6 different sides and crossed each other.  Scary!

This was a WWII plane next to the Raptor.  Wow!

This was an Aerobatic Pilot - he did dives and flips, etc.

Blue Jets - one upside down, one right side up

Up close!

Heading straight towards each other.

We also saw a Wingwalker, but those pictures were hard to catch.  It was a fun time.  Right at the end of the show, the wind kicked and we had a long, dusty walk/run back to the vehicles, with a long wait to get out of the parking area.  Kids had a great time, though and we can't wait to go to another show sometime.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Blue and Gold Banquet - Marshel gets his Bear

Marshel is almost 10 years old and has earned his Bear Badge in Cub Scouts.  He also received 2 Belt Loops, a Gold Arrow Point and 4 Silver Arrow Points.  He was very excited to receive what he had earned.

The Bear Den started the night with a very fun skit as they wore their dad's shirts as their bodies and they made pillowcases with faces on them for their heads, with their arms straight up in the air.  They performed the Cha Cha Slide - we laughed so hard.

Showing off his Belt Loops

Pinning his Bear Pin on Mom - the back kept getting away from us, one time even going down Mom's shirt.

This is my last little Cub Scout boy, so I am one proud Mommy.