Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

Time to color the eggs!  Rachel invited her friend, Jen, over and we had a good time decorating eggs.

Sunday morning, after church, Rachel and Mom hid the eggs.  Because we live in Arizona, where our front and back yard are rocks, we decided to hold an indoor Easter Egg hunt (plastic eggs only).  Marshel and Kellee had a good time finding the eggs.

This was the last egg found - can you see it?  We actually had to point it out!

The kids liked their Easter baskets.  We had a good day!  We watched The Ten Commandments after all of the festivities were over - well, part of it - 4 hours is a long time - we will watch the rest of it a little at a time!

Rachel turns 18 years old!

We didn't get a chance to really celebrate Rachel's 18th birthday because of Kellee's hospital visit, so we did an open house surprise for her.  Her friends came by unexpectedly during the day and told her Happy Birthday.  We had a cake and ice cream and hung out with everyone.


Kellee's latest adventure

Kellee came home from her Spring Break trip with a fever.  Okay, I thought - she's got the flu.  No other symptoms - no sore throat, no coughing, sneezing, or congestion.  After a few days, it was on the annoying side.  She would feel good one minute and a couple hours later, the fever would be back.  On day 7, she seemed to have a good day and I thought - yay, it's almost over.  The next day - the fever was back with a vengeance.  I thought - okay, well it gets worse before it gets better.  Nope - the next morning (Day 9) - fever still there.  So, I said, that's it - we're heading to the doctor.  And we did.  He checked everything, and when he checked her stomach, he said it hurt.  Hmmm - well, she hasn't eaten in 9 days, could that be it?  Nope! 
So, after an Xray and urine came back negative, he told us it was time to head to the Emergency Room.  He felt it was either her appendix or her kidneys.  So, off we went to Cardon's Children's Hospital in Phoenix.  We arrived at the ER and (my best ER visit) were called in within 10 minutes.
Kellee was seen by a couple of nurses, a PA and then a doctor.  They tapped her back, which she said was painful, and her stomach - same thing.  So, the IV was started, since she was really pale and feverish.  She lay there and watched cartoons for a couple of hours.

Then, we were taken in for a CT scan.  She didn't like that at all, mostly because she was getting tired at that point and wanted to sleep.  But, also because she had to move her arm with the IV in, and she was not liking that part at all.  Then, back to the ER to wait for test results.  3 hours later - she was admitted.  Diagnosis?  Pyelonephritis - both kidneys were severely infected.  The CT scan had shown that she has an extra tube on her right kidney, causing urine to reflux (return back into the kidney).

So, off to her home on the 5th floor for the next 3 days, where she received IV fluids and Rocefin, a super duper strong antibiotic every 12 hours.  The first night, I felt like I had a newborn, except that instead of 2 hour feedings, it was 2 hour potty breaks due to all the fluids going in to her little body.

The first day and a half, she slept pretty much the whole day.  Her fevers kept coming and going, and we had to get a few doses of Tylenol to make her comfortable.  She finally started eating towards the end of the 1st day, but mostly just light stuff like pears and mac and cheese. 

On day 2 of the hospital, she was feeling well enough to go down to an event they were having where she could make some arts and crafts and she got a stuffed animal.  These pictures are from day 3, when we went back again with Marshel and Rachel.  They got to participate too.

This is Kellee making a hat with a couple of guys from the Arizona Rattlers indoor football league.

Rachel showing Kellee how (NOT) to Pin the IV on the patient.  Poor kid - got it right in the chest.

Kellee with her IV machine was worried they would have to spin her around.  We didn't do that!

She actually got it fairly close to where an IV could go.

Rachel and Kellee playing basketball - what a good big sister!

Rachel and Marshel playing Air Hockey

Kellee playing Play-doh with one of the guys

More Air Hockey

One more of these boys and the stuffed animals they got.  They were able to put an IV on their stuffed animals, and bandage them up, take their temperature, listen to their hearts, etc.
Kellee was able to go home on Friday with 10 days worth of antibotics.  The hospital was so much fun, I had to make her leave.  She didn't want to go.  I even threatened her later on that if she didn't take her medicine, she would have to go back to the hospital.  She said, "Okay, take me back!"

Still recovering - I found her in my room playing my Kindle, but she had fallen asleep.

So cute!  But, all better now!

School play - The Music Man

Kellee auditioned for the school play, The Music Man, and was so excited to be a townsperson.  She practiced her singing parts every day and was looking forward to being in the play.  Marshel didn't want to be IN the play - he wanted to work ON the play.  So he signup for stage crew and was assigned to be in charge of the curtains.  He was so proud of what he did and can't wait to do it again.  Unfortunately, Kellee was very sick and although she was in one scene, she could not do the whole play.  I told her to try again next year.  She has a good attitude about it at least.

 Marshel loved that he got to come out at the end and bow.  Funny kid!